A platform for online sales:

behzendegi is not an online insurance store; is a new approach to selling online insurance in the country. This system is based on a sales platform that can communicate with all the systems of the insurance company and sell and issue the insurance policy really and truly online. Each control you need can be implemented exclusively for you. If you are interested in getting your insurers with the enjoyable experience of buying insurance online in less than two minutes, be sure to know more about this system.

This platform, unlike other platforms on the market, which approach is to compare and select the cheapest insurance policy, is designed to sell insurance packages so that the audience of the system can buy their insurance policy in the shortest possible time. Insurance companies can use this platform as a sales channel creator to sell their creative insurance packages.

  • Define types of insurance packages
  • Online issuance
  • Print of issued insurance policies
  • Web service and API with external sales systems
  • Define and share income based on custom models
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