Medix system, is an integrated health insurance claims management system. With medix, you provide access to health insurance for your customers. Medix system is full of exciting tools and capabilities that will make insured, insurers, medical centers, claim assessors and other insurance stakeholders happy. Some of the benefits that medix system provides for customers

  • Process agility and transparency
  • Simple, beautiful and user-friendly user interface
  • Flexibility in defining organizational terms, basic data and business rules
  • The undisputed ownership of the employer over its own operational data
  • Service-oriented design of the system in complying the needs of customers

Everything is under your control:

Medix system offers a new way to manage the costs of health insurance executive processes, and with the models and solutions it proposes, creates an optimal solution for reforming the service structure, business model, process optimization, and ultimately improving and integrating the service chain. With Medics processes, insured will be able to benefit from their health insurance benefits, and other actors and users of the system will be able to play a role in creating value for policyholders; on the one hand, the base for receiving service is provided for the qualified people, and on the other, the base for receiving service is taken away from the unqualified people.

Medix peripheral systems:

According to the customer's order, the following systems can be connected to Medicus and operated seamlessly:

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