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Retirement is a concern of the Iranian working class and employees. Anbasht system supports you to provide supplementary retirement products and is able to perform the necessary calculations based on your desired formulation and provide the reports you want to both you and your customers. Supplementary pension insurance has a mechanism similar to life insurance, but with its more attractiveness, it can help you attract customers.

Anbasht is a dual-purpose system for selling and managing the supplementary products of pension and unemployment insurance. This system is designed in such a way that it can manage all the possibilities of product definition, product sales, addendum and contract termination in one place and in one package.

  • Definition of different insurance plans and packages
  • Definition and payment of installments
  • Generate a variety of reports
  • Register all kinds of extensions
  • Receive a pension after completing the installments
  • Determine and manage access levels
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